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We are living in a globalized age where we are no longer shackled by physical borders.
Businessmen, students, investors, and even families have the vigor to go beyond International boundaries and seek bright opportunities ahead. 
To get started on the path to immigration and exploring the best life abroad, consultation is the best way. For this, Ayra Overseas Consultants based in Gurgaon and Delhi is the key resource for all your immigration needs. Our experienced team of immigration lawyers and expert consultants work effectively to provide the best and most efficient visa services available. We give affordable legal consultations that can help you synchronize your options so you can make well-informed decisions based on an analysis of your situation and credentials. We ensure that all application processes and documentation for immigration and visa consultations are handled with the utmost care and kept under the watch of our Founder, Mr. Ankit Chopra.

Ayra Overseas, the leading immigration and visa consultant in Gurgaon and Delhi  believe in furnishing the best services to its clients wherein we work together with the client to extract the best offer while being completely transparent at each process. Our wealth of knowledge will help in making every application a success story.

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If you have a zeal to build a career and relocate abroad, then Ayra Overseas, leading immigration and visa consultant in Gurgaon and Delhi will support you in migrating to the country of your choice. Our Skilled Immigration Consultations helps those people who want to make a living in different countries such as Canada, Australia, New Zealand or European countries.  
With the qualification, skills, language abilities, and experience, you can easily qualify for a skilled permanent resident policy with Ayra Overseas by your side.
We help by rendering the best knowledge on how to obtain the desired visa and how to complete the filing paperwork. With a set timeline, we regularly communicate with the client and the concerned immigration department so that the process remains smooth and clear. Each candidate is treated individually with customized requirements according to the specific needs of the clients.
Let us help you in achieving your dream.

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Canada immigration Consultant in gurgaon and delhi

Relocating to another country is a difficult and crucial choice one has to make. Our Business Immigration program invites businessmen from all segments who wish to seek new investment opportunities and challenges. 
Ayra Overseas, a leading Immigration Consultant in Gurgaon and Delhi will assist you to search among the top destinations across the globe where you can invest and migrate for a better living. From the journey of visa consultation to verification training, we assist every client by avoiding hassles and guaranteeing success. 
Today, a successful investment and immigration can be accomplished only when you have approached the best consultation agency which understands your wishes and takes a step in the imperative direction.


Gaining a Permanent Residency will enable you with a permanent resident status for the country of your dreams. Ayra Overseas is a firm believer in following the work culture wherein we work together with the client to make things transparent at each process. Our wealth of knowledge will help you in making your story a success story.  Our dedicated Immigration consultants in Gurgaon and Delhi are determined to make the transition for your destination country to be swift and simple. Also get aligned with special benefits such as healthcare coverage and protection Helping aspirants since 2013, we have the reach and expertise to increase your chances of getting a visa.

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Consultation / Counseling

One on one counseling by our Director to clearly understand your needs and reasons for moving abroad and recommending the destination matching your profile. At AOC, counseling is never mixed or confused with selling. We don’t keep any Sales targets and our main focus is always to understand each case properly and provide unbiased, genuine advice.

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Eligibility Assessment

True and Unbiased assessment on the basis of initial profile information given by you.
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Top priority task at AOC, because your documents speak for you. We present your documents the way each respective high commission wants to view them.
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Application Submission

We do the hard-work to reap out the best results for you, therefore, you can sit back and relax.
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Visa and Post-Visa Services

We ensure a smooth delivery of your desired Visa. and our Post-Visa Services include cheap air tickets, currency exchange, airport pick-up etc.