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About Us

About Our Company

Ayra Overseas Consultants endeavors in delivering the best possible immigration services to its prestigious clients that leads to a chain of genuine appreciation in the form of referrals.

Our Director Mr. Ankit Chopra has an overall experience of over a decade in this industry with more than 1000 visas under his belt and not a single rejection till date. He has assisted his clients for skilled immigration, business immigration, student visas, visit visas etc.

At AOC, first interaction with the client and the main counseling session is always done by Mr. Ankit Chopra himself, whether its face to face or telephonic, as he believes that counseling plays an integral part in understanding the clients’ eligibility and his needs, so that you can cater to it accordingly and then offer the best possible visa for them.

Unlike, other consultants where the staff is given targets to convert the clients anyhow for a small amount of commission, Mr. Ankit feels this is where the fraudulent and misleading information is being delivered to the client just to sign up the client. Therefore, this task is always performed by our Director himself and all the following paperwork and application is never submitted without thorough scanning by Mr. Ankit himself.

Therefore, we are proud to say that our numbers might be less, but our success ratio is unmatched.