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Blunders to Avoid in Your Visa Application

There are many factors that influence a successful visa application. However, there are some common errors that can get the visa applications denied. With expertise in the visa space, Immigration Consultants in Gurgaon has helped numerous applicants in preventing mistakes.

Official information, While filing a visa application form, it is necessary that applicants should include all the information requested, in the indicated format, as per their travel documentation. Common errors made by the applicants in the filing are name as per passport; passport number and date of birth. Make sure you write your first name and last name in proper order. If you write your name in the reverse order in the official documents, or in any other way, it will get your Visa rejected.

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Using Sponsor for selection 

The details of the Sponsor’s in the application help officials to understand the applicant’s support system in the country of travel, making these details extremely crucial to the visa decision. Make sure your Sponsor’s track record, legal status; tax obligations, prior visa denials, etc. are clear and accurate. If you don’t know your Sponsor well, it might create a problem for you.

Cutting down on the number of days for processing of the application

Generally, travelers leave their visa applications to the last minute, leaving themselves very little time to follow the checklist and ensure every requirement is met meticulously. Different countries take a different amount of time to process the application and approve it. So make sure you apply for Visa in advance that allows enough time to deal with any unexpected delays. Gurgaon based visa consultants help you in the secure processing of visa application within the time duration.

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Attestation of Bank statement 

Most applicants are aware of this error, but while submitting the bank statement, it is imperative to provide the attested bank statements to reflect your financial bandwidth for the travel, as well as your credit hygiene. If you want to add some credibility to your bank statement, get the bank seal on it as a sense of assurance for the officials.

Unclear purpose of travel

What is the purpose of your travel to that country? It’s one of the most fundamental questions asked when applying for a visa. It’s in every application form. Are you traveling for sightseeing? Will you be visiting friends or family? Will you be attending a seminar or conference? Are you going to your studies? Whatever your reason is, it has to be transparent and honest.

No long itinerary

Do not show an extended itinerary. Your itinerary should be of 15 days or less as it will make it more realistic. If it is longer than 15 days it may raise questions such as why you would need that many days. In case of the long itinerary, you can be asked for additional proofs such as leave approval letter, no objection letter from your organization or proof of additional funds in your bank. Visa consultants in Gurgaon helps you in preparing a short and good itinerary so that your Visa should not get rejected.


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